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Scott Kelley, Michelle Hulbert, & Cheri Hill

Scott joined the U.S. Army at the age of 17 and became an elite paratrooper. He served in the 82nd Airborne Division and 173rd Airborne Brigade, completed 29 airborne jumps from U.S. aircraft and helicopters, and was deployed to hot spots around the world.

In 1995, Scott’s unit spent several months in Port-au-Prince, Haiti ensuring humanitarian supplies reached the embattled Haitian people following several years of civil war. In October 1999, Scott’s unit parachuted into Kosovo as a show of force against Serb militia who were massed along the Kosovo/Serbia border. Operation Rapid Guardian prevented these militia from from infiltrating the American sector and causing trouble.

In addition to these real world missions, Scott trained with allied countries around the world. He successfully completed rigorous military schools like Airborne School and Air Assault School, and graduated near the top of his Professional Leadership Development Course class. Scott was promoted to sergeant on his 21st birthday.

After leaving active duty and returning home to Reno, Scott joined the Nevada Army National Guard. As a non-commissioned officer, he was responsible for implementing unit training and monitoring soldier well-being. In January 2003, his unit was the first Nevada National Guard unit called up for Operation Iraqi Freedom. During the next six months Scott participated in the training of Iraqi exiles as guides and interpreters for the U.S.-led Coalition.

Scott left the military honorably in 2005 as a staff sergeant (E-6) with dozens of decorations for outstanding service, including four Army Commendation Medals, five Army Achievement Medals, two Nevada Commendation Medals, and the Kosovo Campaign Medal with two battle stars. His military experience gave Scott a love of public service, and starting in 2005 he began serving on local citizen boards and committees.



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