Erin Schiller is Regional Sales Executive & Education Director at Ticor Title in Reno, NV. Today she is talking with us about Schemes, Scams and Fraud in the real estate business from the escrow and title perspective. She first talked about this at the Reno Real Estate Investors Club and the response was outstanding. You won’t believe what people might do to illegally benefit their pockets! Listen to what Erin has to say to protect you and your real estate investment.
David Kahan is a Realtor at Keller Williams Group One. David will talk about the challenges of today’s hot real estate market. Once big thing David will talk about is the affordability factor that today’s buyers are facing if they want to purchase a home. If you wait to buy, you may be priced out of the local market. David offers great insight to today’s listeners.
Michelle Hulbert is a Loan Consultant at Caliber Home Loans. Michelle will talk about ways that the millennial market can get their “ducks in order” if you are thinking about buying a primary residence or rental home.